What Does It Mean When Your Ears Are Hot? Myths and Facts

what-does-mean-when-your-ears-hotHave you ever experienced a time when your ears are hot and wonder what does it mean? For some, hearing people saying that their ears feel like they’re burning is stupid and funny but the fact still remains: some people are really feeling that their ears are feeling hot and some may have an explanation for this situation. For some, you feel that your ears are hot whenever you are nervous or embarrassed. This explanation is applicable to people who are speaking in front of a huge audience. The next question is: what happens when your ears are hot? If you are nervous or embarrassed and your ears are hot, chances are you’ll have a hard time speaking especially if it’s your first time. You will constantly look down and you cannot look at your audience. You will feel like you’re about to faint. But scientifically speaking, there’s no clear explanation as what does it mean your ears are feeling hot.

why-ears-are-hot-and-redThere are a lot of beliefs and explanations as to what does it mean your ears are feeling hot. For some, it may also mean that a ghost is speaking to you but you cannot hear it. Scary, isn’t it? For most paranormal experts, it can happen to anyone especially if one is living beside a cemetery. Of course, you can’t take away the mere fact that your ears are simply reacting to anything hot that is near to them especially if the weather is extremely hot or there are a lot of candles around you. Exhaustion can also be considered a factor why your ears are hot. In fact, hearing too much sounds especially loud ones can irritate the ears and when the ears get tired of hearing sounds, they create a heat inside the ears, hot enough to make you feel and get the sound off your ears’ reach. Basically, the feeling that your ears are hot is not just based on myths and beliefs. In fact, it can be caused by our environment, by other materials or, by ourselves.

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