American BB Cream vs Korean BB Cream

american-bb-cream-vs-korean-bb-creamAmerican BB cream vs Korean BB cream: what is the difference between the two? BB cream is undeniably BB cream. It is essential in every woman’s purse. So what is the difference between BB creams of Americans and Koreans?

When it comes to American BB cream vs Korean BB cream, consumers are usually bedazzled. What is the difference between the two? Now, what does BB cream stand for? What are the best American BB creams? Here’s an insight about “blemish balm” or “blemish base” creams, both American and Korean, and how manufacturers are battling out which one is better. Now, in terms of American BB cream vs Korean BB cream, here’s some vital information.

The most popular brand of Korean BB cream would be Etude House. Now, when you say American, consumers would opt for Garnier products. Now, which one is better?  BB creams are important because it gives you a smooth matte finish not to mention it feels nice on skin. BB creams are not meant to be primers though. However, there are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to American vs Asian. Asian BB creams only come in few shades. So if you’re a little less fair then you might find it hard to find an Asian BB cream match.

american-bb-cream-korean-bb-cream-comparisonHere are pros when it comes to Asian BB creams. Most Asian BB creams have high SPF. Missah BB cream, a Korean product, has an SPF of 42. Korean BB creams provide medium to full coverage even with small amount of application. Most Asian brands give off an airbrush matte finish while still making your skin look natural. To add, the product feels lightweight and easy to apply.

When it comes to cons, most Asian brands smell too strong. Etude House has products with extremely strong fragrance. Some products might also contain preservatives and parabens. The product might also stain clothing and although Asian BB creams are light, it is not flexible enough to procure the right contour. With Asian BB creams, you need to balance with a bronzer. To add, if you’re not fair, then you’d find it hard to look for an Asian cream that can fit you. Lastly, if you have hypersensitive skin, Asian BB creams might cause break outs since it’s not much of a moisturizer.

For American BB creams, it provides amazing wonders for normal to oily skin. It can fit those who have brown to black skin. It has a satin smooth finish and some are unscented to fit those allergic to strong fragrance. It provides light to medium coverage with sun ray protection of SPF 30. When it comes to American BB cream vs Korean BB cream, some products fit others better than the other. It pays to try what kind of BB cream fits you best.


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