Where to Put Your Lips When You Kiss? Top 10 Tips

Where-Put-Your-Lips-When-You-KissWhere to put your lips when you kiss? When you’re in high school, you think you probably know the basics.

Where to put your lips when you kiss? Anyway, kissing is an expression for love, there’s no direct science or procedure to how it’s done. It’s merely a magical moment where you close your eyes and think of castles in the air and the moment happens – unless, you put a science to it. Do you practice kissing on your hand? Or do you practice kissing your pillow when you dream about your crush. Instead of making goo on your pillow or hand, take these crazy tips about kissing. Where to put your lips when you kiss? Here are ten tips.

1. Kissing is not about closing your eyes and sharing half the amount of your saliva to your hubby. Prior to all romance, start with good hygiene. Never kiss with your morning breath unless you want your hubby to suffocate in the process.

2. Mints never do. Do thorough brushing, the barbeque meat might still be between your molars and it produces foul odor. Floss too.

3. Kiss with moist lips. Unless you want your hubby to experience how it feels kissing a cactus, then you’d better pucker up. Don’t wear too much lipstick unless the two of you be kissing and tasting synthetic coloring.

4. Positioning matters. When your partner’s head move the other way, you should move too to the opposite side. Remember to match the pieces. Practice makes perfect unless you want a nose fight.

5. Open your lips but don’t think about food while you’re kissing. Some people kiss like their tossing a huge burger to their mouth. Slightly opened lips are enough.

6. Let the magic happen. This is probably the best tip. Let your emotion overflow when you kiss.

where-put-lips-when-kissing7. When doing the French kiss, the tip of the tongue is enough, don’t go too far unless you want to check out your hubby’s gag reflex.

8. When doing suck kissing, a few sucking is enough on your hubby’s lower lip but don’t go too far unless you want your partners lips to swell like it’s been bitten by a mosquito.

9. When you do nip kissing, do this with a person who have kissed before, not to a person you just met – unless you’ve got much guts to do it anyway. Bite a little, nip a little, but not too much that your partner might be thinking you’re an S and M chick.

10. If you want to kiss like a modest, kind person, start with closed lips. Gradually open your lips as the emotions intensify. Of course, kiss with heart. Where to put your lips when you kiss? Put a little brain to the heart’s action.

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