Is Petroleum Jelly Flammable? Top 7 Facts

is-petroleum-jelly-flammableMost homes have a bottle of Petroleum Jelly but, is Petroleum Jelly flammable? The answer to that question is: No. Petroleum Jelly is not flammable nor can it spark a fire. Having the root word “Petrol” in its name doesn’t automatically mean it’s flammable.

To begin with, what is a Petroleum Jelly? What is its purposes?  Petroleum Jelly is a plasma-like jelly and it’s widely known for its healing properties. It’s a medicine chest staple. Aside from its medical purposes, consumers also use Petroleum Jelly for cosmetic purposes. In fact, experts believe and recommend using Petroleum Jelly against skin problems such as rashes, fungal infections and yes, Petroleum Jelly is said to be effective in stopping nosebleeds. But is petroleum jelly flammable? As mentioned above, it’s not flammable unless it’s boiled down into liquid. And when there’s liquid petroleum, you wouldn’t want to light a lighter around your or you will be grilled.  Petroleum Jelly is not considered as dangerous but it’s extremely recommended that consumers take precautions in using Petroleum Jelly. It’s for their own safety and for the safety of their family and friends. To help you be informed on how to properly use Petroleum Jelly, below are some facts and tips on the uses of Petroleum Jelly:

1.  When applying Petroleum Jelly, make sure that the environment is in the correct temperature prescribed. When it’s too hot, the jelly has a tendency to heat up into liquid and cause more problems.

2.  When using Petroleum Jelly to solve skin problems, make sure to consult a doctor first and have it prescribed. Self-medicating might cause more harm than good.

is-petroleum-jelly-really-flammable3.  Petroleum Jelly is also good in healing scars and injuries. Just make sure you properly wash the affected part with soap and water before applying the jelly.

4.  According to experts, Petroleum Jelly is good in dealing with male genital rashes as long as it is not caused by sexually transmitted diseases.

5.  Petroleum Jelly is a good moisturizer too. It can prevent dried hands and lips.

6.  Petroleum Jelly is also used as a hair conditioner.

7.  Petroleum Jelly is said to lessen the friction between the human skin and the clothing. This is critical especially during sporting activities.

Although Petroleum Jelly is not flammable, it’s dangerous especially when used incorrectly or placed in the hands of innocent children. It’s hazardous.

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